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Case Results

  • Three Diversion Offers in Gwinnett

    March 2024

    We got three offers of diversion in three different criminal matters in Gwinnett. These cases included what could've resulted in felony drug possession and DUI drug convictions for one client, and domestic violence and minor in possession convictions for our other two other clients. Now, our clients have opportunities for their criminal histories restricted and records expunged. Read On

  • Accident SB I-75 Marietta, Georgia, Cobb County

    Accident Ticket Dismissed

    September 2023

    Traffic tickets, even minor ones, are criminal matters. Sometimes just paying the ticket is the sensible, and more affordable, thing to do. But when civil lawsuits may follow from a traffic accident, just pleading guilty may not be smart - financially or otherwise. And when a person is unjustly cited in an accident caused by an unknown party, as happened here to our client, hiring an attorney who will fight for you may indeed be the right choice. Read On

  • We're Not Terrorized

    April 2023

    We won't be terrorized by the severity of our client's charge - or the harshness of the State's plea offer. Nor will we let our clients be terrorized. When our young client got intoxicated and in a lot of trouble, facing terroristic threats and obstructing a law enforcement officer charges, we accepted the case and got to work. Readying for trial by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the case, we also put together a mitigation plan of community service and treatment. And rather than a stressful jury trial or an unsatisfying plea for our client, their charges were dismissed and record expunged. Read On

  • Hey! Give Me Back My Money!

    December 2022

    Attorney Alan J. Levine went to bat for our client and got back the cash that the State was going to steal from him in the unconstitutional, but legal procedure termed civil asset forfeiture. But there's nothing civil about it. Read On

  • Uncommunicative Officer Unappears

    August 2022

    When arrested for a DUI in Georgia and the officer keeps your driver's license for allegedly not giving the State a sample of your breath, blood or urine to use against you, you have 30 days from the date of arrest to appeal the suspension. Or, you may be eligible to get an ignition interlock device limited permit and keep fighting the DUI even if an appeal of the suspension isn't likely to succeed. But, when I tried to reach out to an officer ahead of time to see if we could resolve the civil suspension matter without giving up my client's presumption of innocence in a criminal case, the officer chose not to respond. No matter. We protected our client's interests with motions and open records requests, and then the officer failed to appear at the appeal hearing anyway! Read On

  • Underage DUI Per Se

    August 2021

    Our young college student client made a serious mistake one night. But, we believe a young person's bad judgement doesn't have to mean life-altering, career-damaging legal consequences, even while being held accountable. Though it wasn't easy, in the end, we got our client a second chance - not only will they avoid a DUI conviction, but they have a chance to avoid any conviction altogether. Read On

  • Eye Test Suppressed

    July 2021

    The decision whether to try and suppress evidence of Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, or let a jury watch a skilled defense attorney cross-up the investigating officer, is one of trial strategy and not always easy to make. Our most recent case was an instance where it was better to get this otherwise problematic evidence out of the way before trial.  Read On

  • Warrant Application Denied

    May 2021

    Where a predatory car lender tried to have our client arrested, attempting to introduce hearsay evidence in Court, we objected to all of the unfounded documents, pictures and statements, thereby successfully quashing the criminal warrant. Read On


    March 2021

    This case began nearly twenty years ago, long before I was hired. My client had been convicted for two DUIs down in Dooly County, Georgia. The second of those two DUIs was in the tiny town of Pinehurst, Georgia - also in Dooly County. But, Pinehurst City Court, where our client pled to his second... Read On

  • Hit and Run Ran Off

    February 2021

    Accused of Hit and Run and Failure To Maintain Lane, our client faced a suspension of their driver's license, jail time of up to 24 months, and a fine of as much as $2,000.00. We did some investigation, learned some important facts, and negotiated a plea with no fine, no probation, and no points on our client's driver's license. Read On

  • Evidence of Spiked Drink

    January 2021

    Our client was arrested for DUI and Hit and Run. But she claimed her drink had been spiked. We had her blood tested and sure enough, the presence of Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) was indicated. We acquired her medical records, took the affidavits of two emergency room doctors, and got her case dismissed and her record expunged. This saved her the humiliation, stress, and cost of a jury trial. Read On

  • Begone Evil DUI!

    October 2020

    There's more to getting a DUI reduced or dismissed than picking apart the facts of the case, or hunting for favorable case law. We can do that. But sometimes a person needs a lawyer who can persuade a prosecutor or judge of the equities of the case - that some people are deserving of another chance. We can do that, too. And that's just what we did in this recent case in Smyrna, Georgia. Read On

  • DUI Didn't Have Ghost of a Chance

    October 2020

    It's not scary this Halloween when you have us by your side. We worked this case long and hard to get our client's DUI charge reduced to a NO POINT violation and NO PROBATION. Granted, we had help from a police officer who was overly aggressive and wrong on the law. But we made sure to educate the prosecution on the law as they related to the facts of our client's case. And it was all treat - no trick - when we were through. Read On

  • DUI? We Don't Clown Around

    October 2020

    DUI? We're not scared. And you won't be either. Our client was a young professional with concerns about current and future employment in the tech industry. But not only did we get his DUI case reduced, he won't even need to be on probation. Read On

  • Felony Reduced to Misdemeanor

    August 2020

    We got our client's felony charge for possessing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA, 2-COOH-THC) reduced to misdemeanor marijuana possession. Their sentence will be to get 3 clean drug screens over the next couple of months and then their probation can end with no conviction. Read On

  • Another DUI Per Se (over 0.08 BAC) Reduced

    July 2020

    In a single-car accident, over the legal 0.08 BAC limit for a DUI, we saved out client's license from going into suspension, got his DUI charge reduced, and negotiated a NO JAIL TIME, reduced probation sentence. Read On

  • Felonies Reduced to Misdemeanors

    July 2020

    COBB COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT, GEORGIA: Our client faced 3 counts of false imprisonment (OCGA §16-5-41) and 3 of pointing a gun at another person (OCGA §16-11-102). For the felonies, they faced 30 years in prison. We negotiated a plea to misdemeanors for 1 year of probation, no jail, no fine and NO CONVICTION. Read On

  • Suspension Reversed

    July 2020

    SMYRNA, GEORGIA - Our client allegedly refused to take the State administered test of their breath, blood, urine or other bodily substance. Complicating matters was a scary accident - with no injuries, thankfully. With out client's driver's license at risk for a one-year suspension. we got to work advocating zealously for our client. Result? The officer's decision to suspend our client's driver's license was REVERSED. Read On

  • Felony Sentence Modified

    June 2020

    COBB COUNTY, GEORGIA - We started working on this case before the COVID-19 crisis. And, as soon as the Court started hearing non-essential cases again, we were ready. Of course, this matter was hardly non-essential to our client. And on their behalf, we filed and successfully obtained a modification of their prior felony sentence. Their conditions have been changed in a way that is fair, just, and makes their life a bit better and easier. Read On

  • Driver's License Safe!

    June 2020

    One key factor to getting a good result in a Georgia Administrative License Suspension (ALS) hearing before the Office of State Administrative Hearings, even on a DUI Refusal with an accident, is being proactive and communicating with the arresting officers. Even during the novel coronavirus pandemic, we worked hard to lay the groundwork for this hearing and it paid off with a favorable result. Read On

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