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Case Results

  • Administrative License Suspension Avoided

    June 2020

    It's not bragging if it's true - and once again we were able to assist our client in avoiding a hard, one-year suspension of their Georgia driving privileges after, upon a DUI arrest, they refused a test of their breath, blood, urine or other bodily substance. Read On

  • License Suspension Lifted

    April 2020

    Faced with a suspension of their Georgia driving privileges for six months, and the likely loss of their job, we were able to help get the suspension lifted without going to Court - though we were prepared to do just that if need be! Read On

  • DUI Charge Reduced to a NO POINT Ticket

    March 2020

    When the Officer made an arguably improper stop, we went to bat for our client and convinced the prosecutor to change the charge to a Basic Rules Violations. Now, our client has no points or violation reported on her driver's history. Read On

  • DUI Reduced for Young Computer Programmer

    March 2020

    When we sifted through the evidence in this case, it appeared the stop was problematic. Then, the subsequent investigation, including the performance of horizontal gaze nystagmus, walk and turn, and one leg stand evaluation gave us concern as well. We made our client's case and the prosecutor, to... Read On

  • Speeding Ticket Handled

    March 2020

    Our client was alleged to have gone too fast in a school zone. While we want everyone driving at a safe speed, especially in a school zone, our client had an otherwise clean history. Emphasizing our client's good qualities, we advocated for them and persuaded the prosecutor to lower the speed on ... Read On

  • DUI Per Se (over 0.08 BAC) Reduced to Lesser Charge

    February 2020

     DUI Per Se (over 0.08 Blood Alcohol Content) reduced to less serious traffic offence and no jail time. Read On

  • Probation Violation Handled

    February 2020

    Our client ran afoul of her probation officer and was facing a week in jail or more. She hired us and we challenged the testing company toxicologist's expertise and knowledge of EtG as a biomarker for possible consumption of prohibited alcohol. When we were done, our client was able to continue s... Read On

  • Client Given Second Chance

    February 2020

    Client considered for DUI Court in spite of prior felony convictions for violent crimes. Read On

  • Super Speeder Situation Solved

    January 2020

    Super Speeder (3rd Time Offender) plea worked out with no jail time and minimal probation. Read On

  • Driver's License Saved

    January 2020

    Petition to Suspend Driver's License for having a Blood Alcohol Level over the legal limit REVERSED. Read On

  • Drug Court On the Table

    January 2020

    Our client had prior drug charges in other states. That made them ineligible for Diversion on their new drug charges in Cherokee County. But then we went to work. Examining the evidence in detail, watching the officer's dash cam video, and reading the incident reports, we filed evidentiary motion... Read On

  • Student Nurse Gets New Start

    January 2020

    The year began strong for Georgia DUI and Criminal Defense, Inc. with our going to bat for another client and getting their DUI Per Se (over 0.08 Blood Alcohol Content) reduced to less serious traffic offence with no jail time. As our client was a student with plans to be a nurse, getting this do... Read On

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