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Cobb Superior Court

Cobb County Superior Court handles all manner of cases including civil and criminal. As to civil matters, large parts of every judges' calendar will be family law cases - e.g., divorces. As to criminal matters, Superior Court is where felonies arising in or connected to Cobb County will be handled.

DUI charges, which are typically misdemeanor cases, can become felony matters where there were casualties or fatalities. Also, when someone has been arrested and convicted of multiple DUI charges in a given timeframe, it is possible Superior Court will be the first court to get jurisdiction over the new DUI case. Non misdemeanor marijuana drug arrests will be heard in Superior Court, as well as all manner of much more serious crime all the way up to murder and rape.

With COVID restrictions lifting across the county and country, more in-person appearances are being held in courts all over, and Cobb County Superior Court is no exception. While the county was a leader in handling matters virtually almost from the get-go of the pandemic, court business is returning to normal and jury trials are going again. If you or a loved one has a criminal matter in Cobb Superior Court (or elsewhere), speak with a competent, responsive defense attorney as soon as possible. The sooner a lawyer can get to work on a case, often times the better the outcome for the client!

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