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Drug Charges

The War on Drugs has been a societal disaster for our country. Enforcement of the Nation's drug laws and imprisonment of the people takes up too much of the time and resources of our legal institutions. And do these laws do any good, or cause more crime and damage? But while attitudes towards responsible marijuana use for adults is slowly changing across the United States, it remains illegal in many states - including Georgia.   

So, in Georgia from misdemeanor marijuana possession charges to serious felony drug arrests, if you or someone you know needs tough, competent legal representation, call attorney Alan J. Levine. As a prosecutor, Alan did his assigned job and successfully convicted many, many defendants. But he also worked with defense counsel to make sure that deserving individuals were offered the opportunity to complete pre-trial diversion programs that would help them get their lives back and avoid convictions. 

Today, as a criminal defense attorney, Alan works tirelessly against the State when they are in the wrong for illegal searches and seizures of his clients. Police who disregard the Constitution can be expected to answer in Court for their improprieties. Even where no wrong was done, Alan works to make the State prove each and every element of the crime charged, often filing and arguing motions that get great results for his clients without a trial. But if need be, Alan is a seasoned and fearless jury trial attorney who fights tooth and nail for his clients to expose every flaw and weakness in the State's case. That's the way to win jurors over to the defense side. Need help with a drug charge? Call The Law Office of Alan J. Levine, Georgia DUI & Criminal Defense at 678-384-4357.

Georgia Attorney Alan J. Levine, Esq. has over 13 years experience as a prosecutor, judge and criminal defense lawyer.

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