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Serious Crimes

What's a serious crime? Whatever it is your facing may be as serious as you care to contemplate. But the fact is, attorney Alan J. Levine represents clients facing the most serious of charges in our Georgia Superior Courts, as well as the Georgia Court of Appeals and the Georgia Supreme Court. Alan works either by negotiation or  evidentiary hearings to get bonds so his clients don't have to wait in jail for months and months for a trial. Then, he proceeds to investigate and dissect the State's case with an eye towards either getting a plea that his client finds acceptable, or getting ready for a jury trial. And at trial, Alan works to make sure all twelve people hearing the evidence stay engaged and learn every weakness in the State's case through effective, withering cross examination. Every strength in his client's case will be brought forth as appropriate. For serious criminal cases, call a serious criminal defense attorney at 678-384-4357.

Georgia Attorney Alan J. Levine, Esq. has over 13 years experience as a prosecutor, judge and criminal defense lawyer.

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