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Traffic Tickets

Sometimes, a traffic tickets is just a minor annoyance that is easier to pay than fight. Other times, traffic tickets are far more serious because a person's Georgia driving privileges are at stake. And, offenses in Georgia can have a bearing on out-of-state licensure as well. Those people who drive for work, especially if they hold a Commercial Driver's License, don't have the luxury of just paying a ticket and moving on. Also, insurance rates will likely be affected. 

Challenging traffic violations isn't easy. For example, fighting a radar or laser-based speeding ticket requires know-how. It requires knowing the law and understanding the technology which the State relies on to make its case. As a former traffic court prosecutor, attorney Alan J. Levine handled literally thousands of traffic tickets for the State of Georgia – from failing to use a turn signal to vehicular homicide. Now, as your lawyer, he uses his insights and skill to work for the best possible results. More often than not, Alan's clients get their tickets reduced or dismissed – and no points on their driving history! Call him at Georgia DUI & Criminal Defense at 678-384-4357

Georgia Attorney Alan J. Levine, Esq. has over 13 years experience as a prosecutor, judge and criminal defense lawyer.

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