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April 2023

We recently had the opportunity, in Cobb County State Court, to represent a young person with great future prospects. That is, great until they got themselves into a little trouble. Okay, more than a little trouble. Suffice it to say alcohol, even when you're old enough to drink, is a dangerous substance that should be used sparingly, with respect. Facing charges of terroristic threats, OCGA 16-11-37, and obstruction of a law enforcement officer, OCGA 16-10-24, our client went from solid plans to attend medical school, to fear of a career ending criminal record before they could begin. But soon as they hired us, our game plan was executed. First, we dug into the facts of the case to learn what were the strengths and weaknesses of the charges. Second, we had our client take certain steps to either hopefully get a good plea offer, or decrease the severity of any possible sentence after trial. Long story short, this two-pronged defense-attack strategy worked. The prosecutor dismissed both charges altogether. And, our client's record was restricted. No conviction. Charges expunged.

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense

Court: Cobb County State Court

Alan Levine

You've been arrested for a DUI. Now what? Do you need an attorney? Almost certainly, yes. There's too much at stake in terms of your driving privileges, job and career, reputation, and normalcy of life, to just go this alone and hope for the best. And DUI law is not easy law. It can be more com...

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