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You've been arrested for a DUI, drug possession, or other criminal charges. Now what?

Do you need an attorney? Almost certainly, yes.

There's too much at stake in terms of potential jail time, probation, fines, driving privileges, job and career, reputation, and normalcy of life, to just go this alone and hope for the best. And as for DUI law, it is not easy. In fact, it can be more complicated than many felony crimes and civil litigation.

But how do you find the right DUI or criminal defense attorney for you? Do I want your business and the opportunity to represent you? Absolutely. Am I the right attorney for you. Maybe yes, maybe no.

Experience and knowledge matters. I have that. Hopefully all of the lawyers you're considering have that. But finding an attorney who listens to you, who understands you, who ‘gets you,' is important. Finding someone you trust implicitly, who you know has your best interest at heart, is crucial. Because for the next several months, and possibly longer, you and your defense attorney are going to be a team.

So take the time to really interview and get to know the potential candidates looking to earn your business. As for me? Call or email me to set up a time for a free, no obligation consultation. Let's meet face to face and discuss your situation. This is an important decision - finding the right person to fight for your rights, defend your reputation, and help you get your life back.

I look forward to meeting with you. I look forward to the possibility and privilege of being your lawyer.

Alan Levine

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When facing legal difficulties, you and your lawyer are a team. And you may be working together for quite some time. Getting to know who you're hiring is important. Call or message us to schedule a free consultation about your case.