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Begone Evil DUI!

October 2020

Smyrna, GeorgiaOur client had a Per Se DUI. And the fact is, this was a pretty solid case for the State. The arresting officer did a good, professional job. At trial, we likely would have lost. But there is more to getting a good outcome than just trying to pick apart the facts of the case and hope to find favorable caselaw. Some people are deserving of another chance. They just need the right lawyer to make the case on their behalf. We got to work from the get go, saving our client's license at the Administrative License Suspension hearing. Next, we got the DUI reduced to a Reckless Driving and a moderate amount of probation time - not the full year required by a DUI conviction. 

Practice area(s): DUI / DWI

Court: Smyrna City Municipal Court

Alan Levine

You've been arrested for a DUI. Now what? Do you need an attorney? Almost certainly, yes. There's too much at stake in terms of your driving privileges, job and career, reputation, and normalcy of life, to just go this alone and hope for the best. And DUI law is not easy law. It can be more com...

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