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Accident Ticket Dismissed

September 2023

In a case reported on the local news, on a rainy spring night, a commercial utility truck was cut off by an unknown driver heading south on I-75 in Marietta, Georgia, in Cobb County, thereby forcing the truck driver to take evasive action. The truck then hydroplaned and overturned, forcing our client and another driver to themselves take evasive action, both pulling all the way over onto the left shoulder. While doing so, there was yet another accident and our client was cited with a traffic violation. No other drivers were given tickets, including the unknown vehicle that caused everything and got away.

Not believing the ticket issued made sense or was fair, our client hired us to represent them. We looked at the evidence and certainly agreed this would be  a wrongful prosecution should the solicitor decide to proceed. But once we got the evidence in front of the solicitor at the City of Marietta Municipal Court, they reviewed it as well and dismissed the ticket. And while a dismissal (aka nolle prosequi) can't generally be introduced into a civil trial, it certainly will not hurt that the criminal traffic citation went away.

Practice area(s): Car / Auto Accident, Criminal Defense, Speeding / Traffic Ticket

Court: Marietta Municipal Court

Alan Levine

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